March 2, 2010

Same fish, different day.

Went shopping and got some different stuff. >D Today I'm using the other half of the fish fillet from yesterday. Nice to have some other colors in there, although I'm not completely happy yet.

Upper box: Grilled salmon bedded on lettuce, with broccoli, carrots, and fish cake rolls.

Lower box: Glass noodle salad with ham and egg, rice with wakame furikake, and some carrots.

Mini bento: Strawberries. *_* NOM.

Extras: Vanilla yogurt, cookie/chocolate snack.

This morning's bento prep soundtrack: ナイトメア's "HATE." Hard to prepare bento when you feel the need to do furi (choreography) along with the song. XDDD

Hitsugiiiii. ♥_♥

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Sooyong said...

Hey there! I'm actually about to start as an ALT in JET in Hyogo Prefecture, and I'm about to leave for Japan tomorrow. I found your blog while trying to look up an e-mail address that a rep at the Ono-shi BOE gave me. She gave me an e-mail but didn't give me a name, so when I looked up I ended up getting here.

So I'd like to ask, have I found the right person? And regardless of whether I have or not, I'm happy to see that there's an ALT who likes J-Rock as much as I do ^_^