March 18, 2010


A little bit sparse with the posts lately; the school year here is about to end, and I'm a bit crazy with the planning of last-minute classes and Graduation for my 6th graders.

Here are two bentos from among the lunches I've been bringing lately. I really don't know why I keep getting cherry tomatoes; they look pretty but I don't really like raw tomatoes that much. --; I'll look for something else.

The Snoopy bento makes a guest appearance!
Upper box: Rice with tamago (egg) furikake, bacon-wrapped asparagus, cherry tomatoes.
Lower box: Miso and green bean salad, fish cake kabob, pork shumai, tamagoyaki (grilled omelette).
Extras: Apple, yogurt (not pictured).

Upper box: Chicken dumpling, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, asparagus, grilled salmon (hiding kinda), fish cake kabob.
Lower box: Sekihan, stir-fried greens.
Extras: Banana, yogurt.

Sekihan is a special rice dish where the rice has been boiled with beans and comes out red. It's often served as a dish to mark someone's coming of age. It's not my favorite thing, but it has a lot of fiber. XD

And I think I've been focusing a lot on シド lately, but I just managed to get a ticket for the current tour, so I will laud them a bit more. ^^ For today's soundtrack we have "Sweet?" It's one of my favorite videos/songs. XD

I want Mao's hair in this one. But it would be soooo short. XD

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The sekihan looks super yummy.