January 18, 2006

Kosher bento!

Today's bento came out decently well; I was pleased enough with it that I wanted to put up a pic.

Salted cucumber, sweet potato latkes (pancakes) with applesauce (in the little bottles), and hardboiled egg. The garnish is just a few leaves of field greens.


I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the Mako-chan's Bento Box site. This is so adorable. XD I even got the book she recommends for Christmas (a lovely little book with lots of bento recipes and general guidelines for making pretty shiny bento XD I will have to write more about that later on).

Meanwhile, one begins to notice the healthy impact bento meals make on oneself when the lack of fresh vegetables in the house makes it hard to prepare your lunch for the day. ^^;;

January 14, 2006

Rising from the dead, like so much reanimated dead stuff...

I really, really need to write more on this thing. Now that i'm getting into a routine with my new job, I can fit in some blogging.

It's especially important to do more with it, because I have decided that I will be making my third trip to Japan this April. >D This time, I shall be traveling with my pal Jules (of "I like shiny things" fame; see link at right), and it will be swell. Yarn and bento boxes shall be cleaned from every shelf in Kyoto.

Kyoto has these great regional yummies; the one I remember best from when I was there last trip is this little pastry triangle with anko (sweet bean paste) inside it. I wish I knew what it was called so I could try to find a recipe for it. ;_; Anko is the greatest food on earth.

I'm still bringing my beloved bento lunches to work with me most days; recently I got myself some sauce containers (in the shape of fish) to add to the utter joy. XD

As you can see, my bento are looking slightly better than they used to. I still don't give half a hoot about presentation, but I at least attempt to make things look more appetizing when I think to do it.