March 18, 2010


A little bit sparse with the posts lately; the school year here is about to end, and I'm a bit crazy with the planning of last-minute classes and Graduation for my 6th graders.

Here are two bentos from among the lunches I've been bringing lately. I really don't know why I keep getting cherry tomatoes; they look pretty but I don't really like raw tomatoes that much. --; I'll look for something else.

The Snoopy bento makes a guest appearance!
Upper box: Rice with tamago (egg) furikake, bacon-wrapped asparagus, cherry tomatoes.
Lower box: Miso and green bean salad, fish cake kabob, pork shumai, tamagoyaki (grilled omelette).
Extras: Apple, yogurt (not pictured).

Upper box: Chicken dumpling, cherry tomatoes, sweet potato, asparagus, grilled salmon (hiding kinda), fish cake kabob.
Lower box: Sekihan, stir-fried greens.
Extras: Banana, yogurt.

Sekihan is a special rice dish where the rice has been boiled with beans and comes out red. It's often served as a dish to mark someone's coming of age. It's not my favorite thing, but it has a lot of fiber. XD

And I think I've been focusing a lot on シド lately, but I just managed to get a ticket for the current tour, so I will laud them a bit more. ^^ For today's soundtrack we have "Sweet?" It's one of my favorite videos/songs. XD

I want Mao's hair in this one. But it would be soooo short. XD

March 3, 2010

Rabbit food. Well, not the beef.

Upper box: Rice with salmon furikake, broccoli, glass noodle salad.
Lower box: Sukiyaki beef and yellow peppers stir-fried with sweet onion sauce. Leftover from dindins last night, and soooo good. ;;;_;;; With carrots, and the ever-present Riiraakuma fish cakes.
Mini bento: Strawberries again. Gotta eat them up.
Extras: Cheese wedge, and carrots for me and the baby bunnies to snack on. ♥

Today's bento prep track: "sleep," just released today by シド.

Ahahha, Mao looks good in that suit and knows it. 8D

March 2, 2010

Same fish, different day.

Went shopping and got some different stuff. >D Today I'm using the other half of the fish fillet from yesterday. Nice to have some other colors in there, although I'm not completely happy yet.

Upper box: Grilled salmon bedded on lettuce, with broccoli, carrots, and fish cake rolls.

Lower box: Glass noodle salad with ham and egg, rice with wakame furikake, and some carrots.

Mini bento: Strawberries. *_* NOM.

Extras: Vanilla yogurt, cookie/chocolate snack.

This morning's bento prep soundtrack: ナイトメア's "HATE." Hard to prepare bento when you feel the need to do furi (choreography) along with the song. XDDD

Hitsugiiiii. ♥_♥

March 1, 2010

Color fail. D:

Upper box: Grilled salmon bedded on lettuce, carrots, snow peas, almonds, and a chicken mince patty.
Lower box: Rice with ume furikake, pickles, broccoli.
Mini bento: Apples with dried cranberries.

Not entirely pleased today, although it'll surely taste good. I think the okazu box (okazu is anything other than rice) needs some yellow or another lighter contrasting color... unfortunately, I was out of yellow peppers. D: Also meant to use different furikake, but I found I was out of the salmon kind I like. TODAY THERE WILL BE SHOPPING. I want to get eggplant and try that as pickles, anyway. ♥

Highlight from this morning's bento prep soundtrack: ナイトメア's "Cyan". ♥

February 28, 2010

So much for breakfast...

Upper box: Shumai, snow peas, cherry tomatoes, grilled salmon, Riirakkuma fish cake slices.

Lower box: Heart-shaped tuna sandwiches with lettuce and tomato, another cherry tomato, and Yakisoba. Snow cheese wedge off to the side.

I don't know why I thought I would have time to make those sandwiches; it took forever and almost made me late for school. >_<; I had to skip breakfast and eat something after morning meeting. --; LET'S PREPARING A BIT EARLIER, D.

February 24, 2010

Fish and round things.

Upper box: Rice, hot dog fish, pickles.
Lower box, left to right: Pasta, straggler hot dog fish, snow peas, yellow peppers, "mochi" fish cake balls, meat balls.

Mini bento has the day off; brought a banana instead.

Very pleased that the hot dog fish came out a lot better than the penguins. ;;;_;;; The package said that after you mold the hot dogs you can prepare them any way you want, but I boiled them this time (instead of pan-heating) and they came out much nicer.

February 23, 2010

Snow peas were on sale...

Upper box: Rice with Ume furikake, pickles, snow pea garnish.

Lower box, from left: Pork shumai and cherry tomato, yellow peppers, Riiraakuma sliced fish cake, chicken mince, and snow peas tucked in everywhere.

Mini bento: Same as yesterday. Mikan and dried cranberries. Nom. O_O

FFFFFT my kitchen smells like shumai. XDDD