January 26, 2008


Oh, it's been a while. But here I am living in Japan now. O_O Wild.

Here's some stuff i've been cooking for my dinner, since sadly my school has school lunch for everyone and I generally don't get to make a bento. :(

Chicken and Egg Donburi (dish over white rice) with fresh spinach, cucumber and daikon/carrot tsukemono (pickles made with rice vinegar), and apple juice.

Tamago (egg) Toast. This is a crummy photo, but this dish is sooooo good. It's a slice of thick Japanese style white bread lightly toasted on one side in a frying pan with a small pat of butter, with some mayo (I use the very yummy Kewpie mayo we have here), lettuce, and an egg fried with a little olive oil and salt. SO GOOD. My favorite breakfast here.

Stir Fry with broccoli, carrot and chicken, satsumaimo (sweet potato) fried rice, sweet potato salad, daikon miso shiro (white miso soup with daikon), and daikon-carrot pickles. I really like these sweet potato dishes; the type of potato you get here is much different from the orange kind we have in North America, and just as tasty. The flavor is subtle enough that it makes an awesome potato salad.
The mixed rice is just sliced potato pre-boiled to almost-tender lightly stir-fried in olive oil with cooked white rice and a touch of soy sauce. It's nice to eat when it's so cold out. >_<