February 24, 2006

Mmmm. Salt.

Teriyaki-stir-fried veggies and chicken, white and teriyaki rice mix (spinach garnish), pickles. Also, a Babybel, and sliced Fuji apple. Mmm.

...This was supposed to start out as onigiri, but I find that reheating rice to make them doesn't work so well. When I went to grill them, they fell apart in the pan. Thus, a mix of regular rice and the stirfried ex-onigiri rice. --;;;; Alas. I wish I could make fresh rice each day but for now, I guess onigiri will have to be had on Tuesday, when I actually cook up the week's batch of rice. Bah.

February 23, 2006

Soba ni ~~~~

Zarusoba today (cold noodles) with nori on top and dipping sauce in a separate container. With carrots and the most beautiful spinach Tamagoyaki I have ever turned out .. so far. XD Mandarin oranges (in the Nyanko box) for dessert. <3

February 18, 2006

Scallops in pain!

The above is only amusing when you mistype a filename url AND your head is still fuzzy from being sick for 2.5 days. --;


So today I decided to go ahead and do teriyaki scallops for my bento, since, as I said, the last couple of days i've been home sick from work. I did a test run yesterday, and those buggers do cook up awfully fast, making them a really good item to add when pressed for time (I get up around 10am, because I work 2-midnight, so I sit around being zombie-ish for a good while before I can cook anything and usually run late).

Teriyaki scallops, snow peas, the rest of the pickled cucumber for the week (more than usual cuz I only made 2 bentos this week), and rice with sesame seeds. There was supposed to be spinach omelet in here, but I had an adventure today and discovered that you can't cook egg in the same pan after scallops, at least not well. The pan I was using is all but devoid of its original teflon coating, also, so that did not help me at all. -- It's just as well, though, because I needed to eat up the snow peas.

You also get to see that I own more than one bento box. I need more. >D Right now, it's more about accessories; I got my heart-shaped onigiri mold and my bento okazu cups (little separator cups for holding various food items within a bento box; they're reuseable and not as wasteful as cute paper cupcake wrappers) today, and now have a nice little arsenal of items to use. Soon I should take pics of all my stuff and just throw that up here.

Thought I might include some extra photos this time around. If you ever wondered what my kitchen looks like when i'm in the midst of prepping bento, it's something like this:

Ingredients all over the counter, and the box for the day sits in the midst of it all, ready to recieve the food once it's done. For sticky rice, I usually make a batch on Tuesday and stick it in the fridge. When I put more rice into a bento, I heat it up first, and then it cools to room temp in the (unlidded) bento box. It stays decently edible that way, rather than be all cold and hard as it is when refrigerated. If I lived in a perfect world I could make rice each day and have it fresh, but it won't work that way until I live with people who will eat rice that often. That, and I need a nicer rice cooker.

Cooking the scallops. I used a recipe from the Bento Box cookbook John got me for Christmas. It's a fabulous book and already bears post-its with my notes on various recipes. >) The recipe I used includes soy sauce, water, sugar, and calls for sake, but in its place I used a little bit of Mirin (sweet rice wine). Not bad, even for someone who isn't really big on scallops. I hope I don't get food poisoning. ^^;;

Next week's menu must include (HEART-SHAPED!) onigiri at some point. >D As for the rest, I need to plot that out.

February 15, 2006

Happy V-day!

And it is for me. I woke up to a lovely package from John on the kitchen table. Inside, various adorable things, including some Nyanko mini-bento boxes! I love Nyanko so much and they're perfect as part of my silly bento collection. <3

Hoorah for the crap picture. But since it's V-day I decided to make something nifty, so here's my first attempt at Oyaku (Chicken and Egg) Donburi. :3 I used spinach instead of hornwort, because I have a lot of spinach and can't find honewort anywhere. XD One of the new Nyanko containers is here, holding homemade pickles (sprinkled with toasted sesame seeds).

I was very bad today, and also ordered myself some bento divider cups (in quiet, pastel colors ^^;) and a heart-shaped onigiri mold (!).
I fear for Japan when Julie and I visit, for I am going to buy lots of stuff when we go. XD They will be cleaned out of bento and yarn.