March 8, 2006

Today I am all thrilled and stuff, because i've used my heart-shaped onigiri mold for today's bento.

Onigiri (rice balls) with tuna and mayo inside; two have toasted sesame seeds on top, while the middle one has the salt 'n spice seasoning I use when I fix tuna salad. Some sliced cucumber, sugar snap peas, and carrots (they're dry, yeah.. but I let them get that way cuz I don't like the texture when they're wet --;) with light dill dip (needs refrigeration, and after taking the photo I wrapped the little cup in plastic wrap to avoid disaster), a "spring" oreo, and a cherry-chocolate Andes mint. Also, stretch island fruit leather and a Whips! yogurt (not pictured).

Now I really want more onigiri molds, maybe in less cutesy shapes. ^^; They're insanely helpful, especially when putting in filling. No rice-y hands!

March 3, 2006

Maybe it's time for a plain old sandwich...

Hmph. Sometimes my job kind of sucks the life out of me. My dishes lately aren't that good to me, even though i'm trying lots of new things.

Ginger pork recipe from my cookbook. Also stir-fried carrots with toasted sesame seeds, rice (spinach and cucumber for garnish), mandarin oranges (in the mini bento), and no-sugar-added rice pudding with cinnamon. Mmm.
The pork came out extremely salty. I think I will use less ginger AND soy sauce next time. A lot of these recipes are painfully salty, and I don't know if that's my own sensitive taste buds or what. But AHHH, salt. :P

Turkey-not-Chicken Dumplings, plain mixed veggies, rice with sesame seeds. Mandarin oranges, and some of those yummy Cadbury mini eggs lurking in next to the main course. >)
Another recipe from the book: Chicken Dumplings. Only these are turkey, because I could not find ground chicken at the supermarket. --; They were kind of okay. Kind of too crisp; maybe I will add more egg and flour next time. And actually use chicken.