April 15, 2005

Tohru shoes!

Okay, so I just want to add more posts so this thing doesn't look so bare. And since this is cosplay-related, it's perfectly legal. :3

My Tohru shoes! Brown loafers from Born that I won off of Ebay for about $9. XD I love Born shoes; they're so comfortable. These are exactly what I need for Tohru's school uniform, as well as for my regular day-to-day wardrobe (although most of my shoes are black :P). Cute flats are always good.

Tomorrow I will probably try making some sort of Americanized mochi... I have heard that some people like it with maple syrup or cinnamon. Sounds interesting. >D


Well, here's my first post. I don't think it's going to be anything memorable... more like Oh hey, let's see what the blog looks like with TEXT in it. :P'

I have a blog over at Livejournal already; I've been using that for going on 5 years now. *_* But I have found myself wanting to have some sort of blog dedicated to my Japan-related creativity, so I thought that might be a good excuse to play with blogger a little.

I've been trying some new Japanese dishes lately, to add to my repertoire; something related to that will probably be the first thing I post about. :P' I have some mochi bricks but no anko, booooo... so I have to come up with a substitute. Let's just wait and see how this comes out.