March 3, 2010

Rabbit food. Well, not the beef.

Upper box: Rice with salmon furikake, broccoli, glass noodle salad.
Lower box: Sukiyaki beef and yellow peppers stir-fried with sweet onion sauce. Leftover from dindins last night, and soooo good. ;;;_;;; With carrots, and the ever-present Riiraakuma fish cakes.
Mini bento: Strawberries again. Gotta eat them up.
Extras: Cheese wedge, and carrots for me and the baby bunnies to snack on. ♥

Today's bento prep track: "sleep," just released today by シド.

Ahahha, Mao looks good in that suit and knows it. 8D


Manekineko said...

So I've considered making bento befor, but these thoughts were always fleeting and never stuck. Then I started reading your blog and within a week or so actually bought a bento set and made my first one XD albeit clumsily put together, I think it may be good start. So thanks for having this blog up :) I may never have gotten around to it other wise. So keep posting your amazing looking bentos!

Lyvvie said...

Yay! Another great bento blog to follow. Even better is you're going to make me practice my Japanese.

melonpan said...

Tasty Bentos *yummy*